Danny, Skid Row Coffee & the Best Market trees

This Summer we were introduced to Danny Park and Andrew Kang- who kept showing up at community meetings- everywhere we went, there they were! Along with many other locals- we soon became fast friends and learned more about their interest in downtown, specifically in Skid Row. And once we realized Danny had a connection to Best Market at 5th and San Pedro- we recruited him to look after the (2) Pink Trumpet trees that we planted on the side of the market in 2010.

The following was written by Danny to share on this blog:


We ran and operated Best Market on the corner of 5th and San Pedro for 23 years. I was 9 when we opened. Spent a good piece of my youth in the store, number of customers were like uncles to me. My pops built the store with the little money we had. My mom’s spirit is what made the store so special. She's like this sunshine bright spirit and I saw from an early age that one has the capacity to affect the feel of an environment with the energy he / she projects. People would like hanging out, drink coffee sitting on the chairs we had laid out. I leaned against the pole in front of our store for many years peering out. One thing I realized was that this neighborhood unlike any other neighborhoods didn't have a coffee shop. That's where people hang out normally in most neighborhoods. People talk, meet friends and congregate, read, write, play games, pass the time, open mics, have access to nutritious and tasty snacks and drinks. That's where the idea of Skid Row Coffee came from. Human connection and communion is likely to occur in these kind of spaces.


Before this I was working at Nike in Portland Oregon. I do graphic design and visual communications. These days I'm helping out with Best Market and pursuing Skid Row Coffee with my buddy Andrew. Also recently meeting all the new people in the community of Skid Row was like discovering family.

Been fortunate to meet Katherine. Kept bumping into her at community events. I told my mom about her and she knew of her and said she really admired her for doing what she does in our neighborhood.

I love being intimate with the earth. I hope that doesn't sound too weird. When I garden or water the trees, the side of Best Market, it’s a reminder that we are a part of this bigger thing going on. It's a reminder to act live responsibly and with respect to one and the life around us.”


Follow the progress of Danny & Andrew’s Skid Row Coffee: