Our Greening program pursues tree, garden, and median plantings throughout the greater Industrial District of DTLA.  The planning and implementation of each project includes community engagement and participation.  The community must be involved in all steps of the process from planning through permissioning to planting to ensure success and ongoing support for new trees.

Chinese Flame tree on 7th St.

We have learned from experience that planning and preparation are essential to seeing through successful greening projects.  Many different logistical challenges must be overcome and many different entities engaged.  Planning and preparation takes many months and revolves around lining up the necessary approvals.

Sycamore trees on 7th St.

Greening in the Industrial District poses challenges not found in more conventional settings.  Successful greening in this highly urbanized setting necessitates a more specialized approach.  In and around Skid Row, for example, we believe in reaching out to the local homeless population with a spirit of respect and compassion.  Residents, both homeless and housed alike, are encouraged to volunteer side-by-side at our community tree-plantings.  A greener environment is beneficial to all and our Street Tree Team Program was created around this theme of inclusiveness. 

Gold Medallion trees on Central Ave.

IDG's first official project was in "Skidrokyo", a little neighborhood at the border of Little Tokyo and Skid Row.  19 trees were planted along Boyd and Omar Streets - a mix of Pink Cloud Cherry Blossom and Australian Willow trees. 

Volunteers at the "Skidrokyo" tree planting, Omar St., April 2013 (Photo: Chuck Hashbarger)


Volunteers at the "Skidrokyo" tree planting, Boyd St., April 2013 (Photo: Chuck Hashbarger)

*UPDATE: Due to the local microclimate, the Pink Cloud Cherry Blossom trees did not fare well and were replaced with Jacaranda and more Australian Willow trees.

Desert Willow trees on Santa Fe St.