drought,…. rain, rain, water, water,,,, still in a drought….

This will be a quick and dirty lesson of why we are still in a terrible drought even though we've just been lucky enough to finally receive some rain here in LA.  

So - - we've just had all this fresh water falling from the sky - but where does it go?  Most of it unfortunately shoots off our roof rain gutters, then down to the curb gutters ..then down the storm drains….then off to the LA River…. then off to the ocean.  Here are a couple of images of this beautiful rainwater that we did not save from these last few storms.  


 Above in this picture, we have a waterfall right here in the Arts District. 


 Wasted water…. 


A River right here in the Arts District…. too bad it's not being redirected into an appropriate stormwater detention system.  bye bye beautiful fresh water…. we're still in a drought.  


And this is where most of our rainwater goes to - - collecting garbage and trash along the LA streets and onto the LA River.  Yesterday the water was so high it covered the Willows and shrubs in the River.  


On the bike path in Frogtown today- one of my favorite places in LA as it's one of the only … more...'natural' sections of the LA River. Katherine and I were headed to support our friend Daveed Kapoor's LandBridge event and Pop-Up LA River Cafe.  

And a special viewing of a beautiful Egret on the River! egret.jpg

And below is a great example of a stormwater detention system.  All this mean is that rainwater is directed here and detained in a depressed area so that it has a chance to percolate back down to the water table.  This is a detention system at Marsh Park in Frogtown.