Great meeting today with Meghan from Los Angeles Conservation Corps

Every day there is work to be done starting this new organization with Katherine- whether it's developing new relationships with people and organizations or being fortunate to foster old relationships.  Today was a day to reconnect with Meghan Shearer- the Senior Program Manager at LACC - she has supported Katherine's IDG tree plantings over the years - and separately my Arts District tree planting event this past April.

In case we haven't mentioned it before -  Katherine and I had organized our last tree plantings on the same day before knowing each other- -  and would end up being introduced to each other by a mutual friend, General Jeff, who had the foresight to connect us two tree huggers.  

Having been introduced a few weeks prior to our plantings- we were amazed by our overlapping contacts and connections.  Katherine had been working with Meghan for months - - while  I had more recently been brought together with her as I was organizing concrete cuts utilizing different funding sources.  Tim Keating- an Arts District resident and fellow tree planter had worked with Meghan over the years and connected us - so that I could get the work done.  I had had a great working relationship with LACC years ago but hadn't worked with them in about 13 years and was excited to work with them again.  

So - fast forward to today! Today's meeting was to reconnect and discuss how we can work together in 2014!!! New TREE PLANTINGS!  Lots to talk about - lots to do and lots to plan for…. all exciting and we will most likely be looking to plant on 7th street in both Skid Row and the Arts District.  We also had a chance to talk about both Katherine's and my trees that are have some struggles.  

Below is a picture of one of my Tabebuia trees…  


what the what??? dropping it's leaves and flowering?? in December.. something is awry but no answers at the moment… It's alive… confused… and hopefully will get it together by Spring time.

And Below is a picture of one of Katherine's Australian Willows that is struggling probably due to soil issues (strangely enough part of Skid Row has a heavy clay soil - - - while the Arts District is more of an silty loam - more typical of soil along a river bank… I want to research why this is the case… strange to me that just blocks away the soil is this different - - possible infill??… maybe due to the light industrial history of Skid Row?  not sure.. Also the tree below although I appreciate the attempt to personalize this tree and enjoy the holiday festivities - - the tree is struggling with the weight on it's branches.  


More updates soon!