Tree Care on Alameda

Hello IDG friends!                  

alameda_tree_2_.jpgCome join us as we help TreePeople's Pam Gibson give a little TLC to the young trees along Alameda St in Downtown LA!  Pam will be hosting the "Tree Care on Alameda" event Saturday December 6th. This street sits along the border of the Arts District and Skid Row.

The trees in the area are Podocarpus Macropyllus, or Shrubby Yew Pine, and were planted in 2009 by local residents. Although the businesses along Alameda St. gave "Permission to Plant", Pam says, "there is no on-going care for these trees" and that this area "is very difficult to maintain" due to its heavily industrial influence. That is why TreePeople and Industrial District Green are asking for your help! 

Volunteers will be mulching, watering and clearing weeds. By coming together to take care of these trees, Pam says we will be "helping create a more sustainable environment, where people are taking personal responsibility for their community". 

We will be meeting across the street from the Valero gas station, at address 500 Alameda St. and East 5th, on December 6th at 8:45am. The event will last until 12:00pm

Please go to to sign up. 

We look forward to seeing you there!


TreePeople's Pam Gibson teaching a rainwater harvesting workshop for Valley residents